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Department of Home Affairs – www.dha.gov.za
The Department’s core Immigration services duties are

  • Administeringadmissionsintothe country
  • Determining the residency status of foreigners and issuing permits thereof
  • Custodianship of refugeeaffairs
  • Inspectorate

These are achieved by issuing the following types of documents:

  • Visas
  • Temporary Residence Permits (Business permits, Work permits, Corporate permits, Study permits, Exchange permits, Retired persons’ permits, Relatives permits and Medical treatment permits)
  • PermanentResidencePermits
  • Refugee and asylumpapers

Contact Centre 

csc@dha.gov.za Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Calls from mobile phones to our general 0508 558 855 number are not accepted. Mobile callers should dial 09 914 4100.
Phone: 0800 601 190

Childhood: Assistance to Parents and Families – www.dha.gov.za
All children have a right to a childhood, to safety, happiness, playfulness, and curiosity in life. All children have the right to grow up and develop socially and intellectually. World Childhood Foundation works to prevent abuse and exploitation of children. We support and implement over 100 projects around the world, assisting children who are at risk of or are victims of abuse, children who are in alternative care, street children, and families at risk.

Childhood’s work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and is politically and religiously unaffiliated. The goal of Childhood is that no child should be exposed to a violent or damaging environment, but instead have the opportunity to grow up with memories of a safe and loving childhood.

Contact person at Childhood:
Britta Holmberg – britta.holmberg@childhood.org

Foster Care in South Africa – www.christianfostercaresa.wordpress.com
The Urgent need for Foster Parents
In South Africa thousands of children are in desperate need of loving care in a stable family environment. These children have been removed from their family due to sexual, physical, or psychological abuse, as well as neglect. They are in urgent need of becoming a part of a family where they can be loved and nurtured. Sadly, there’s a critical shortage of loving, secure homes that will unconditionally commit to making a difference in the lives of these hurting children.  As a Foster Parent you can offer these children a brighter future and the opportunity to achieve their full potential in life. CSC North – Foster Care

Information Booklet
Foster care is not the same as legally adopting a child. “Foster care is the placement of a child, who needs to be removed from the parental home, into the custody of a suitable family or person willing to be foster parents. This is done by order of the Children’s Court.” Children can be removed from the custody of their biological parents if they are abused, neglected or abandoned. In South Africa, poverty contributes to abuse, neglect and abandonment, but these issues are not limited to poor communities.

The Benefits of becoming a Foster Parent
As a foster parent, you will experience many challenges and some difficult days – but most parents find that the joy of seeing their foster children push through their own pain and anger far outweighs it. As your foster child moves through their own difficult emotions, he will look to you for love and support, and become more and more a part of your family. Many foster parents are still “home base” to the children they fostered, and welcome them back home for holidays and summer vacations even after they’ve reached adulthood.

South African National Outreach to Youth – www.ydo.co.za
National Youth Development Outreach (NYDO) has been in existence since 1990. It started off as a coffee bar on Friday evenings in an attempt to provide an alternative to a life of drugs and gangsterism. Over the years it developed into a well established Youth Development Organization with an integrated and holis tic approach to working with young people.
NYDO was born out of a desire to alleviate poverty, to bring an end to the problems of gangsterism, drug abuse and family violence which are so prevalent in our local communities.NYDO is now ideally placed and equipped to handle young people who are accused of petty offences and diverted from the criminal justice system. Government alone is unable to deal with all the socio-economic problems of our society and have therefore forged close partnerships with various government departments, welfare organizations and NGO’s, including NYDO, in an effort to deal with these challenges.

For the past 22 years NYDO has worked unceasingly to influence the communities of Eersterust, Mamelodi and Nellmapius in the Tshwane Municipality. We recently expanded our services to Cullinan and Bronkhorstspruit. Today, NYDO can proudly boast with endless success stories through its prevention and rehabilitation programmes.

Contact details:
National Youth Development Outreach:
223 St Joseph Street

PO Box 41039, Eersterust, 0022

Tel: 012 806 8876 / 012 806 8876
Fax: 012 806 8880
Office hours:
Monday – Thursday:  08h30 – 16h30 & Fridays 08h30 – 14h00

Fathers 4 Justice – www.f4j.co.za

  • FATHERS-4-JUSTICE SOUTH AFRICA is a civil rights group campaigning for truth, justice and equality in Family Law for children, their parents and grandparents. Children growing up without fathers, mothers or grandparents is an obscenity and social catastrophe waiting to happen.
  • We support a child’s right to see both parents after separation and demand AN END TO THE SYSTEMATIC REMOVAL OF ONE PARENT (mostly fathers and their families) by the Courts, for no good reason. Children need BOTH parents.
  • We demand the AUTOMATIC RIGHT to enjoy a meaningful, loving relationship with our children and grandchildren, and support Parliament’s intention in the new Children’s Act of 2005, that BOTH BIOLOGICAL PARENTS BEING AUTOMATIC CO-HOLDERS OF PARENTAL RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES   becomes the normal form of order issued in the Family Courts. All parents should be assumed to be fit, loving, caring parents unless proven otherwise.
  • We advocate the dismantling of every biased element of the existing grotesque, cruel, unjust and unaccountable Family Law Industry and the REMOVAL OF ALL PREJUDICE AGAINST FATHERS to be replaced by a fair, just and transparent system of justice based on the principle of equal parenting and our rights to family life enshrined in the Constitution.
  • Fathers 4 Justice will seek to EXPOSE MISCARRIAGES OF JUSTICE carried out in secret in the Family Advocate Offices and Family Courts, and bring them to the attention of the public.
  • We CHALLENGE THE GENDER BIAS INHERENT IN THE FAMILY LAW SYSTEM against fathers that results in them paying for children they are not allowed to see, homes they are not allowed to go to, and schools they are not allowed to visit, whilst resident parents (mostly mothers) widely abuse this gender bias to deny the non-resident parent (mostly fathers) access to their own children for no good reason.
  • We support research into the cost to society – a LEGACY OF CRIME, DRUG ABUSE, SOCIAL DECAY & SUICIDE left in the wake of generations of children growing up denied access to their fathers, and the effects on fathers of being dispossessed of their children.
  • Our aim is TO PROMOTE THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS  in South African Law, supporting their right to enjoy a meaningful, loving relationship with each other, and the establishment of a more just post-divorce environment, in the true best interest of our children.
  • To this end, and in the face of an intransigent judiciary, a morally bankrupt system and complacent government, we believe in non-violent direct action against ALL areas of the Family Law system to raise awareness and combat Family Law Injustice.

Contact Info:
Email: info@f4j.co.za
Website: www.f4j.co.za

Given Gain: Family Counseling South Africa – www.givengain.com
FAMSA Western Cape is a non-profit organisation (NPO) specialising in relationship counselling. We believe that “healthy families create healthy communities” and are the foundation of our society. Secure families provide a favourable environment where family members can develop to their full potential, develop positive identities and form a set of values that serve as a frame of reference for life. Families come in many forms including: extended families, single parent families, gay couples (with or without children), nuclear families, child headed families, childless couples, cohabiting couples and combined families. FAMSA recognises all forms of family and strives to make a positive impact in our communities through our counselling and support services.  

Contact Us
Families South Africa, Western Cape (FAMSA WC)
9 Bowden Road Observatory Cape Town 7925 Western Cape South Africa
Telephone: 27214477951
Fax: 27214470174
Reg. #: 002-888 NPO / Secion 18A reg. PBO 930006613

The Family Life Center – www.childmatters.org.nz
The Mission of Family Life Centre
Is to promote and maintain stable, satisfying relationships within individuals, families, marriages and community life for all people of South Africa. Work is carried out throughout Soweto, Diepsloot, Coronationville, Noordgesig, Westbury, Riverlea, Lenasia South, Newclare, Bosmont, Ennerdale, Alexandra and Ivory Park. Training courses and counselling services are offered to these communities as well as the City Centre and those reached by the Parkwood offices.
The range of services is designed to enhance the personal skills of individuals assisting them to:

  • Managetheirlives,
  • Enrichtheirrelationships
  • Make a contribution towards developing their communities and ultimately, society.

Contact Us:

Physical & Postal Address: 1 Cardigan Road, Parkwood 2193
Telephone Numbers: 011 788 4784/5
011 833 2057 ( City Centre )
011 984 0266 ( Soweto )
011 855 2359 ( Lenasia South )
011 477 5531 ( Westbury )
Fax Number: (011) 788-4781
Email Address: famlife@iafrica.com
Website Address www.familylife.co.za

Family Therapy South Africa-www.drtmrobinson.co.za
Dr Robinson values each and every case as most clients which consult with Dr Robinson needs expert advice and find themselves and their family in a vulnerable position in addition to the turmoil they experience in their life. Due to the complexities in forensic service delivery and therapeutic processes, Dr Robinson follows a strict protocol of service delivery with families. To contact Dr Robinson and to initiate Dr Robinson to take on your specific case the following procedure needs to be followed. This procedure is focussed on service delivery to take place in a professional and sufficient manner and for all parties in a case to feel that a transparent paper trail is available if the need arise in court proceedings. Contact Birthright

Faxes are arranged to come to the practice as e-mails (for ease of forwarding and for record keeping).

preferred method of communication is per e-mail as doctor is mostly in consultation and cannot answer the phone)
Bus: +27 11 469 3866 (Practice number – often Dr Robinson will not be able to answer as she is consulting).
Cell: +27 71 686 4877 (Direct number to Dr Robinson – for professionals and counsel, journalist and media).
Cell: +27 82 682 6686 (Cell phone with personal assistant that can answer your questions).

086 6541 698 (Faxes are arranged to come to the practice as e-mails)


WEBSITE:  www.drtmrobinson.co.za

1842 Cnr. Valon Place &Tarascon Drive
Dainfern Valley
South Africa
P.O.Box 2493

Charity Center South Africa – www.famsaorg.mzansiitsolutions.co.za
For over 54 years FAMSA has been developing human potential by providing counseling, education, training and social development programmes for South Africans who want help with relationship issues. FAMSA is therefore involved with family preservation through preventive and remedial services which build on existing strengths in individuals, couples, groups and communities and helps people to deal with modern day stressors and issues that threaten family life.


The first bureau for Marriage Counseling in South Africa was established in 1948 in Johannesburg. It became an organization to which people with marriage problems could turn to for help. A National Family and Welfare Conference, with family problems and disintegration as the main theme, was held in Johannesburg in 1954. Dr. Mace and his wife Vera were invited to this occasion. After this conference the South African National Council for Marriage Guidance and Counseling was established on the 6th of October 1954.

Our Vision

The National Leader in Services that enhance Relationships.

Our Belief

We believe that healthy and stable relationships promote healthy individuals, families and communities

Our Mission

To support individuals, families, organisations, communities and society to build, restore and sustain functional relationships.


  • Accessibility to all people and communities.
  • Accountability
  • Basic human rights
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-judgmentalattitude
  • Respectforothers
  • Quality and excellence of service

National Office
(011) 975 7106/7

Family Life South Africa– www.familylife.org.za
The quality of our relationships will to a very great extent determine our quality of life!  How fulfilled and happy we are in life is determined mainly by how fulfilled and happy we are in our relationships.
God created man (and woman) to be in relationships with Him and with a significant other and He placed them in a universe where everything exists in relation to something else!  God Himself exists within the Trinity – a mysterious relationship – but the fact that our God is a Relational God makes Him unique!  Each one of us was created with a deep need to be understood and loved by at least one other person.

398 Rigel Avenue
Private Bag X 173 

Telephone: 012 347 8151/0147
Fax:  086 204 2926
E-mail: info@familylife.org.za
U.S.A. parent web site:

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