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Quick, easy and affordable DNA tests

Clinical DNA sequencing offer you a useful and scientific approach in personalised medicine for genomics-based diagnosis which can help you maximise your wellbeing. With the right healthcare technical expertise and appropriate interpretation by medically-trained professional, individuals can cease the opportunity to take proactive and informed roles in their healthcare.

Genetic Predisposition Test
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International Biosciences provide genetic testing to determine your genetic predisposition
for many important health conditions including cancers, cardiovascular/cerebrovascular conditions, diabetes and obesity.

By ordering this test you will be testing for the complete list of diseases
and conditions as explained in the Genetic Health Test panel of tests.

Lactose Intolerance DNA Test
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Lactose intolerance can adversely affect your day to day living – it could be the cause of
unpleasant side effects such as bloating or flatulence. If you think you might be lactose
intolerance a lactose intolerance DNA test is the place to begin.

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